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  • 4G / 5G Subscriber and IoT Analytics

    Analyze network and service performance in real-time using correlated control and user plane data.


  • Product Sheet for One-NDS Load & Traffic Analyzer

    Monitor One-NDS traffic in real-time by using the One-NDS Load & Traffic Analyzer - based on One-NDS performance and log data… more


  • Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check

    Identify potential problems in the One-NDS and take appropriate actions at an early stage… more


  • Product Sheet One-NDS Connectivity Check

    One-NDS is an indispensable part of the telecommunication infrastructure. One-NDS Connectivity Check allows you to quickly check the end-2-end connections for One-NDS processes supporting maintenance tasks and reducing delays in extensions… more


  • Self-learning Prioritization of End-User Services

    Self-learning prioritization of requests reduces the time and the complexity to restore end customer service to all users during signaling storms.… more


  • Network Service Engine - an open source approach

    Hear about our view on the further evolution of the network technology with focus on the data/user plane of the service edge.… more


  • Energy efficient data plane evolution

    Energy efficiency is the key to the evolution of networks and the data plane technology. The slide set summarizes recent approaches in this direction… more


  • Product Sheet Virtualisation of NetManager 5.1 and 6.2

    The NetManager is essential for the operation of EWSD, hiE und hiS . It is needed for all operation and maintenance tasks, for file transfer from/to NEs and finally also for the incorporation of patches. … more


  • Product Sheet EWSD Health Check

    At present, many telephone switches that are based on the EWSD technology have been in use for more than 20 years and will continue to be used up to a detachment by VoIP solutions, especially for business customers with PBXs… more


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