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SilverEngine is a technology consultancy providing services focused on technical infrastructure and networks of telecom operators.

We help our clients improve performance and reliability of complex and mission critical networks. Beyond technical infrastructures, we provide advice to our clients how to design and implement subscriber-centric data center architectures. Our solutions are tailor-made and developed in close cooperation with our clients.

SilverEngine combines comprehensive industry knowledge with unique technology know-how offering advice, services to develop and implement technological solutions as well as best-of-breed tools and techniques.


  • Tools for efficient data migration
  • Applications to analyze network traffic
  • Modules and add-ons for software applications used within telecom networks
  • Utilities for network control of EWSD and One-NDS

Development & implementation

  • Analysis and simulation of network traffic
  • Analysis of data structures, applications and data flows
  • Integration and verification of databases and other legacy systems
  • Develop testing strategy and testing concepts


  • Scalable architectures for „next-generation networks“
  • Central subscriber data management
  • Concepts to integrate and phase out legacy systems
  • Transformation and migration planning
  • Technical lead and management of transformation programs

Our values

Our clients operate in fast changing markets. Therefore, we believe it is important to have a reliable and competent technology partner by their side. The sustainable success of our clients is our goal. We conduct our business consistently we our values.

SilverEngine is committed to the protection of our environment and nature and, in particular, through the developed consolidation procedures for TDM networks, ensures the savings of electricity. SilverEngine is generally committed to the careful and economical handling of resources.

  • SilverEngine is an ICT company, focused on consulting, services and products for mission critical, highly complex, multi-generation databases and networks.
  • We create a company, which shall be a long-term sustainably growing and profitable brand and business.
  • Our offerings shall make the difference for our customers in terms of top quality, creativity and reliability.
  • We are committed to work as a team and create a working culture, which is built on values, trust, entrepreneurial spirit and respect for colleagues and customers. We follow authority not formal hierarchy. We want our work to be fulfilling, every day.
  • We only focus on businesses where we have highest competitive competencies and provide substantial value.
  • We want to attract the best-qualified and experienced people to join our project, regardless of age and personal attributes. In particular, we are open for seasoned and brilliant colleagues who like to work in a lean and self-determined environment.
  • To master complexity and cost, we combine deployed with latest innovative technologies for simplified and efficient solutions.
  • We are open, i.e. we promote openness and transparency, and support the open source philosophy in telecommunications through our own open source / free source projects (for example, on GitHub) as well as in our own products and have always been committed to open standards. We consider this openness to be a necessary prerequisite for innovation in the telecommunications industry, and as a result, of course, we are very open to technical partnerships.

Our Executive team

  • Max Bornschlegl
    (Managing Director)

    • More than 30 years of R&D in the telecommunication industry, senior leader level
    • Multiple international assignments and senior level experience in managing international teams
    • Specialized on data storage/ databases & repositories in mission critical environments
    • Master degree in Mathematics
  • Niklas Gustavsson
    (Managing Director)

    • More than 20 years of experience mainly in the telecommunications industry, having roles in Development, System Test, Integration, Services, Support, System Management, Product Management and Business Development
    • Long and broad International experiences working in multi-cultural teams in Europe, USA and Japan
    • Special focus on Analytics, Machine Learning, Subscriber Experience and Mission Critical Databases
    • My passion is business development and create innovate solutions in touch with reality that delights the customer
    • Master of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Marek Kocan
    (Managing Director)

    • More than 18 years of experience in managing, leading and supporting research and development projects in the telecommunications industry
    • Extensive experience in leading international teams
    • My passion is working together to develop products and solutions that create delightful customer experiences and simplify operational complexity
    • Master Degree in Informatics (MSc.)

Our core team

Dr. Bottheim, Rolv
Telecommunication networks, drive forward of network evolution, special focus on system- and network architectures, senior level experience of managing multinational

Bregler, Michael
EWSD, in particular EWSD consolidation, software upgrade, EWSD configuration, development of EWSD migration procedures, putting EWSD into operation

Diener, Heiko
One-NDS/NetAct: Fault management, trouble shooting, configuration management, performance management, user administration, alarm handling, system administration;
EWSD, in particular EWSD consolidation, EWSD configuration, putting EWSD into operation, #7-networks, Customer Care Manager

Glässel, Michael
System Architecture, Software Design of Distributed Telco Network Systems for 4G and 5G Core Network Elements and Distributed Session and Subscriber Database, Realtime Monitoring, Automated Testing, NFV, OpenStack, Container

Haack, Jens-Peter
Architecture of distributed, database-based telecommunication systems, schema design and data modelling, graphical modelling and testing tools cloud based system architecture

Haertel, Wolfgang
EWSD, in particular EWSD consolidation, software upgrade, EWSD configuration, development of EWSD procedures

Helgesson, Johan
Development of distributed systems, databases for the 4G/5G core network

Kemper, Alfons
Telecommunication networks, project management, subscriber-data-management, development processes

Krell, Reiner
Telecommunication networks, Subscriber-Data-Management, especially One-NDS, Provisioning & Administration, (Test-) Automation, distributed architectures, System-Verification.

Dr. Lautenschlaeger, Hans
EWSD, EWSD consolidation, private branch exchanges, subscriber data and routing data, subscriber-related profile data

Maiwald, Hermann
Telecommunications networks, network operations and management systems, customer experience management, in-memory DB, system and software architectures, software development

Peschel, Jens
Development of SilverEngine products in particular  One-NDS/SDM-Tools; EWSD, EWSD consolidation, VoIP, softswitch, development of PConE toolset

Sänger, Gernot
System architecture of distributed telecommunication systems and databases, NFV, OpenStack, Container

Schmidt, Kai-Uwe
Development of SilverEngine products in particular One-NDS/SDM-Tools; EWSD, EWSD consolidation, EWSD related operating systems (NetM), IT (e.g. Windows, Linux), development of PConE toolset; data protection officer, Security Officer

Schroeder, Franz
EWSD, EWSD consolidation and maintenance, softswitch, Security Officer

Sigleur, Uwe
Development of SilverEngine products in particular One-NDS/SDM-Tools; EWSD, EWSD consolidation, VoIP, softswitch, development of PConE toolset

Dr. Stademann, Rainer
Fixed and mobile networking, Ethernet and IP networking, 5G, IEEE-, IETF-, 3GPP standards, IPTV, cloud technologies, Linux and Linux-based networking, virtualization , traffic theory, statistics, distributed and complex systems, mathematical and physical modelling, optimization, simulation, C++, Python, Scala, Akka, reactive programming

Volpers, Helmut
Telecomunication networks in particular IMS based network architectures, subscriber-data-management, directories in particular One-NDS, distributed architectures, LDAP, X 500, HLR, HSS, Senior Solution Architect

Wolan, Matthias
Development of SilverEngine products in particular One-NDS/SDM-Tools; EWSD, EWSD consolidation and configuration, VoIP, softswitch, development of PConE toolset

Dr. Zeidler, Manfred
Telecommunication networks, particular IMS based net architectures, subscriber data management, databases and directories, particular One-NDS, quality assurance, robust and highly available systems, E2E/system and performance test, test management, ISTQB certified

Our partners &

Cizmar, Peter
Telecommunication networks, in particular NTHLR, HSS, OneNDS: Upgrades, Troubleshooting, Commissioning, Integration; Installations and Administration of Linux (RedHat, CentOS) for this SDM products

Gersing, Peter
IMS-based architectures, SDM, LTE services, network convergence, VoLTE, software development, agile process management

Dr. Goeldner, Ernst
Telecom networks, SDN, EWSD, development processes, SDM

Gutting, Thomas
Telecommunication networks, Test-Automation and automated regression tests especially for HLR/ HSS and MSS.

Grusemann, Hartmut
Mobile telecom networks (radio, LTE, core networks, SDM, HLR, HSS)

Mohr, Günther
Telecommunication networks, subscriber-data-management, directories in particular One-NDS, distributed architectures, system-verification and -test, Security Officer

Dr. Schmerbeck, Friedrich
Intelligent networks, project management, SDM, process-related consulting

Schmidbauer, Alfred
Consulting services related to portfolios, processes and outsourcing, management systems

Sipos, Norbert
Telecommunication networks, subscriber-data-management, One-NDS expert, HLR & HSS expert, system-upgrade, - verification and -test.

Springer, Udo
Telecommunication networks, subscriber-Data-Management, One-NDS und HLR/HSS: in particular commissioning, integration and customer acceptance of new versions.

Wienerroither, Joerg
Project management, process-related consulting, outsourcing of software development, SDM, management systems

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