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One-NDS Connectivity Checks


One-NDS Connectivity Check allows you to quickly check the end-2-end connections for One-NDS processes and can provide an overview of whether there are interruptions in communication paths (In a running One-NDS system some communication paths are only needed in case of failure or in exceptional situations).

The possibility to check the network of One-NDS at any time and quickly prevents network configuration errors. Using the One-NDS Connectivity Check is especially helpful with One-NDS introduction, One-NDS capacity upgrades, enabling new features, as well as during/after network configuration changes on routers, switches or firewalls.

Use Cases

One-NDS Connectivity Checks are recommended in the following situations:

  • Preparation and execution of One-NDS Software Upgrade

  • Preparing and activating additional One-NDS functions

  • Preparation and implementation of One-NDS capacity extensions

  • Checking the connectivity during or after maintenance work on the associated firewalls, routers or switches

  • One-NDS Introduction

One-NDS Connectivity Check facilitates maintenance tasks and significantly reduces delays in extensions, SW upgrades, and functional improvements to One-NDS. By minimizing demands on the target system and non-invasive tool, it is the right extension of the tools for your One-NDS system of your operations team.

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