SilverEngine offers a wide range of services

One-NDS is a scalable, high available, and robust database, which can be easily integrated in a multi-vendor environment. It is a central part of the subscriber data management and contains all subscriber data that can be accessed over standardized interfaces.

High availability and stable mobile, fixed net and IoT services are the basis for our customers, to guarantee a good service and quality for their end customers.

SilverEngine offers a big spectrum of services along the product cycle of One-NDS. The One-NDS experts of SilverEngine all have many years of experience in One-NDS R&D in the areas of architecture, engineering, system test and customer support.

Our services

SilverEngine offers a wide service portfolio including analysis, monitoring and maintenance as well as upgrades and trainings.


  1. One-NDS installation, upgrades, hotfixes, capacity extensions

    Software installations and upgrades as well as capacity extensions are the daily business of our SilverEngine experts.

    The key for success is an absolute secure procedure and a monitored execution of all steps to guarantee full service during these activities.

  2. Operational Support - NDS administration, maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting

    For NDS administration and maintenance a detailed know how about the One-NDS functionality and its integration in the network of the customer is necessary. We have the detailed knowledge about the management tools which are used, e.g. alarming, performance-counters, logfiles, etc.

    We also support detailed fault analysis and provide solutions for existing problems. Subscriber migration is also part of our portfolio.

  3. Management System (NetAct) Support – Integration, configuration, maintenance

    The integration of One-NDS in a Network-Management-System (e.g. NetAct) is for the operator a very important requirement.

    The NMS is the only external interface for the operator to One-NDS. We support the operator in all aspects of One-NDS monitoring.

  4. Application integration in One-NDS - Engineering, dimensioning, data modelling

    Because the number of One-NDS applications increases for most Telekom providers, a good engineering and dimensioning is needed regularly.

    If a new application is integrated to an existing One-NDS, SilverEngine can integrate, test and verify the performance of the complete system.

  5. One-NDS Testlab support and execution of Acceptance Tests

    We offer test lab support and monitoring of One-NDS, including fault finding and analysis.

    Additionally, we offer acceptance tests for a new One-NDS or maintenance release as well as the creation of testcases of an existing or our own test suite.

    We can also offer the complete end-to-end support of the NDS-lab including the execution of acceptance tests.

Whitepaper & Product Sheets

  • Product Sheet for One-NDS Load & Traffic Analyzer

    Monitor One-NDS traffic in real-time by using the One-NDS Load & Traffic Analyzer - based on One-NDS performance and log data… more


  • Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check

    Identify potential problems in the One-NDS and take appropriate actions at an early stage… more


  • Product Sheet One-NDS Connectivity Check

    One-NDS is an indispensable part of the telecommunication infrastructure. One-NDS Connectivity Check allows you to quickly check the end-2-end connections for One-NDS processes supporting maintenance tasks and reducing delays in extensions… more



As part of our portfolio we offer automated and periodically running health-checks, which will give you an early indication of a possible service impact or a possible failure of One-NDS.

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