Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check

Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check

One-NDS Health Check - Identify issues and take counter measures at an early stage

One-NDS is an indispensable part of the telecommunication infrastructure and therefore needs special attention when it comes to maintenance and care. A failure of the One-NDS - or already a limited availability or functionality - causes the service provider to fail because the access to the subscriber data no longer works or only to a limited extent.

One-NDS Health Checks and the resulting findings enable you to identify potential problems in One-NDS at an early stage and to take timely appropriate countermeasures. Regular One-NDS Health Checks reduces the likelihood of a disaster of One-NDS and thus for the One-NDS-running applications and services in the mobile network.

One-NDS Health Checks are highly configurable and flexible, and can be easily adapted to any One-NDS system.



  • Overview of One NDS Health Check components
  • Description of services
  • Pre-requisites for health checks


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Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check


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