Health Checks


Identify potential problems in One-NDS at an early stage

One-NDS Health Checks and the resulting findings enable you to identify potential problems in One-NDS at an early stage and to take timely appropriate countermeasures. The software package provided by SilverEngine serves to supplement the monitoring provided by the manufacturer.

Regular One-NDS Health Checks and the systematic evaluation of the results of the review runs provide a significant, additional component for running One-NDS, which reduces the likelihood of a disaster – i.e. a failure or a service restriction – of One-NDS and thus for the One-NDS-running applications and services in the mobile network.


One-NDS Health Checks provide a variety of checks for immediate use. The following check categories are immediately included:

  • Basis checks

    Checks like; Software and Firmware versions, automatic topology detection, PGW module versions

  • Database key parameter

    focused especially on database processes, DB running processes, DB process memory, CPU usage etc.

  • Alarm log analysis

    Scanning of alarm logs based on patterns and repeating occurrences

  • Configuration and network

    Checks like shared memory, Linux swap and cron jobs, network connections, Linux bonding configuration

  • Database checks

    e.g. backup consistency, traffic utilization and Subscriber statistics

  • Product Sheet One-NDS Health Check

    Identify potential problems in the One-NDS and take appropriate actions at an early stage… more


Health Check

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