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One-NDS Health Checks


One-NDS Health Checks and the resulting findings enable you to identify potential problems in One-NDS at an early stage and to take timely appropriate countermeasures. The software package provided by SilverEngine serves to supplement the monitoring provided by the manufacturer.

Regular One-NDS Health Checks and the systematic evaluation of the results of the review runs provide a significant, additional component for running One-NDS, which reduces the likelihood of a disaster – i.e. a failure or a service restriction – of One-NDS and thus for the One-NDS-running applications and services in the mobile network.


One-NDS Health Checks provide a variety of checks for immediate use. The following check categories are immediately included:

  • Basis Checks – Software and Firmware Versions

  • Database Key Parameter Checks – focused especially on database processes

  • Alarm Log Analysis

  • Configuration and Network Checks

  • Database Checks – Backups, Utilization and Subscriber-Statistics

The generated HTML reports can be sent via E-Mail and/or secure file transfer to external systems. It is also possible to archive the HTML report files on the Health Check Server and comfortably access it via a HTML WebGUI.

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