Insights for a premium subscriber experience

Get the necessary insights to implement actionable measures for an exceptional premium subscriber experience. We offer predefined KPIs tailored to specific use cases and dashboards. These can be customized to align with your data formats and specific requirements as necessary.

We seamlessly import third-party Network Probe data, Radio Cell Trace data, and OSS KPIs data into our Kafka cluster. This data is then stored and correlated in our Analytics Database, utilizing smart data modeling techniques for rapid retrieval of any KPI and dimension. Our system ensures consistent KPI aggregations, by using a bottom-up per subscriber approach when drilling down into data.

Machine Learning techniques such as CART, k-means clustering and anomaly detection are employed to extract profound insights and automatically identify areas for network and service optimizations.

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Your Benefits

  • Minimal setup effort

    Pre-defined dashboards are available which can be easily adapted to your needs

  • Tailor-made customization

    Relevant KPIs per use case can be implemented by our experts

  • Vendor-independent

    Can work with any 3rd party Network Probe vendor

  • More precise

    Drill down to individual subscribers for every KPI possible

  • Deep insights by machine learning

    Experience using Machine Learning on KPIs for automatic and deeper insights

  • VoIP - Quality of Experience (QoE) dashboard

    Analytics tool - VoIP Quality of Experience dashboard
  • VoIP - Customer care dashboard

    Analytics tool - VoIP Customer care dashboard
  • VoIP – Speech quality dashboard

    Analytics tool - VoIP speech quality dashboard

dashboards for VoIP

  • VoIP - QoE dashboard

    Insights about perceived network experience (QoE trend, distribution, contributing factor to low QoE) combined with the possibility to extract subscribers with worst QoE

  • VoIP - Customer care dashboard

    Overview about all call attempts, speech quality KPI and highlighting errors per subscriber. Possibility to drill down on message flow and protocol level using Call Tracer tool

  • VoIP – Speech quality dashboard

    Insights on the speech quality (e.g. MOS, speech mutes, packet loss and jitter) including further details on most impacted subscribers

Analytics tool - pre-defined KPIs and dashboards

Gain valuable insights into subscriber experience with our analytics solution.

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