Call Tracer


Achieve higher customer service quality faster

When understanding details on what is causing disruption of a service or degradation of service quality, our Call Tracer tool is offering easy insights of events across all protocols and offering automatic correlation per subscriber.

A modern clutter free troubleshooting environment is offered and up to 10x faster root cause identification. The tool comes with a built notebook for root cause documentation and collaboration with other Call Tracer Tool users.

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Your Benefits

  • 10x faster insights

    due to correlation engine as well as easier and clutter free troubleshooting / root cause analysis

  • Designed for telco networks

    Developed by telco engineers with in-depth technical knowledge to ease the work of network engineers

  • Cross-domains

    All 4G (EPC), 5GC and IMS protocols are supported

  • More precise

    Drill down to every single protocol and attribute possible

  • Plug & play

    No customization required, just import data to conduct root cause analysis

  • Overview of message plot

    Call Tracer tool - message plot dashboard
  • Message flow analysis - grouped by logical NF

    Call Tracer tool - message flow analysis grouped by logical NF
  • Speech quality KPIs dashboard - from RTCP

    Call Tracer tool - speech quality KPIs dashboard
  • Detailed frame analysis with protocol details, request / response pairing and intuitive filter capabilities

    Call Tracer tool - detailed frame analysis


  • Correlation engine

    Automatic correlation per subscriber across all protocols and domains (4G/5G and IMS)

  • Events overview

    Message events sequence overview across all protocols in one plot graph

  • Automatic groupings

    Automatic logical grouping of NE/NF in a message flow for easier and clutter free troubleshooting

  • Error highlighting

    Highlighting protocol errors and message sequences leading to an issue

  • Visual analysis combined with various filters

    Visual message flow analysis with variety of intuitive filter options. Dedicated filters and automatic colored highlighting of errors pathway for fast error identification

  • Protocol-specific KPIs

    In addition to call flow flows insights, our tool is offering KPIs per protocol and logical 3GPP interface including 5GC

  • Speech-quality KPIs

    Speech quality KPIs from RTP and RTCP protocols – such as MOS, Speech Mutes and One-Way-Audio

  • Pre-selected attributes

    Expert pre-selection of most relevant Protocols attributes for each message, full view of all attributes available with one click drill-down

  • Drill-down

    Drill down to every single protocol and attribute

  • Supported formats

    pcap or pcapng formats supported

Call Tracer tool - Overview of network functions

Our Call Tracer tool brings you more than 10x faster to root cause than any other tool.

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