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Selected case studies

Successfully completed project assignments for well-known telecommunications companies demonstrate the outstanding expertise of Silver Engine.

The following projects listed below are a selected range outlining the service scope and proven competences of SilverEngine – without claiming to be complete and all-encompassing considering the complexity and individuality of the subject.

Projects realized with Vodafone

Several EWSD-related projects have been realized with Vodafone encompassing the following services:

  • Develop migration routines tailor-made for Vodafone while deploying our tool set PConE
  • Project support
  • NetM connection
  • Install OAM database
  • Support acceptance test
  • Maintenance level 1 and 2
  • Consolidate subscriber data and migrate to one or more switches within Vodafone’s network

Projects with Siemens

Portfolio and process-related consulting services working closely together with the division “Power and Gas”

Projects with Telekom

Various projects in different areas including subscriber data management

Projects realized with Nokia

Various projects, e.g.

  • consolidation of EWSD components for the network operator Deutsche Telekom
  • Subscriber-centric data management
  • Upgrade of NetM to be used by Deutsche Telekom
  • Analysis of networks and RfQ support

Projects realized together with envia Tel

EWSD subscriber migration following a technology change on access level

  • Deconfiguration of subscriber at EWSD V5-interfaces
  • Subscriber configuration on newly installed DLU
  • EWSD-hardware delivery by a partner of SilverEngine (ORC)


SilverEngine has provided strategic consulting advice in the field of subscriber-centric data management to Accenture.


Various projects, e.g.

  • Since 2017 the proactive Level 3 Maintenance in 24/7 mode for EWSD and NetM
  • Complete verification of the EWSD and NetM configuration, then correction of the identified potential risks including replacement of system components and update of the system documentation at the beginning of 2017
  • Successful Virtualization of NetM on VMware in 2017