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Infrastructure supporting an increased demand at the same energy consumption level

To meet consumer demands, new services and technologies such as 5G, LTE, PON, IoT and cloud services are launched with an increasing pace. New developments such as "autonomous vehicles", "augmented reality", "robotics" require flexible and programmable network functions. At the same time, the bandwidths of the networks must be continuously extended due to an increasing demand for data volume.

Nevertheless, costs and energy consumption should not rise any further. As a result, network operators need to fundamentally transform and optimize their communication infrastructures.

Meeting these challenges requires new network infrastructure concepts. On one hand, network functions need to be rigidly consolidated and on the other hand service functions of the network levels must be made more flexible.

Github projects
by SilverEngine

Two recent public Github projects of SilverEngine show that rather complex, fully programmable and highly performant, multi-threading network stacks can be built with surprisingly low effort on top of general-purpose processors. This becomes possible through:

This becomes possible through

  • Use of a modern programming language like Rust, providing powerful abstractions which guarantee memory-safety and thread-safety, thus allowing to eliminate many>
  • Use of a recent open source library which provides a Rust based network abstraction layer on top of the C-based DPDK
  • Use of a real-time tuned Linux OS-kernel

Potential use cases

  • Intelligent load balancing and forwarding, especially of control plane traffic
  • Traffic generators, proxies, gateways, etc.
  • Dynamic firewalls, DOS mitigation, network access control, etc.
  • Programmable and performant user-space network functions complementing or replacing OS functions
  • Processing of IoT traffic

Our approach -
sustainable & proven

SilverEngine helps network operators analyze and optimize the network infrastructure to build a scalable, robust and future-oriented architecture of communications networks.

SilverEngine pays special attention to pragmatic and realistic concepts that, on one hand, take into account the complexity of technological changes, but at the same time identify and realize quick wins along the transformation process.

  1. 1 As-is analysis

    Analyze current network and technological situation as well as evaluate identified weaknesses

  2. 2 To-be architecture of network

    Develop tailor made solutions for a robust and scalable architecture of next-generation network

  3. 3 Design of transformation

    Evaluate different approaches for transformation and migration as well as develop a staged technological change program optimizing technological advancements and economic output

  4. 4 Implementation of next generation networks

    Migrate subscriber data using state-of-the-art tools as well as lead and provide technical support for transformation

Our capabilities

SilverEngine's team combines knowledge about latest technologies with longstanding experience in implementing and operating solutions integrated into telecom networks.


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