Consolidation of the EWSD component in the TDM-based network

Today, fixed-line operators face the challenge of actively steering the technological transformation from the traditional TDM-based network to the new IP-based broadband networks (next-generation networks = NGN) and managing the resulting risks in an active manner.

SilverEngine combines long-term experience in the operation of TDM networks required for this – especially in telephone switching systems (EWSD) – with comprehensive expertise regarding new technology. As a competent partner both in the consolidation of existing EWSD, S12 or other TDM-based exchanges and in the migration towards IP-based networks (NGN), SilverEngine offers flexible and individually tailorable solutions.

Our approach -
proven & sustainable

The consolidation process for TDM networks managed by SilverEngine considerably minimizes risks such as increased maintenance costs or a network failure – thus ensuring long-term customer loyalty.

For the prioritization of the consolidation, parameters such as the previous life time of relevant EWSD components as well as information as to whether the warranty has expired for certain components are taken particularly into account.

This approach contributes significantly to minimizing the failure risk of switches.

  1. 1 As-is analysis

    Perform a technological audit and assess existing TDM switches as well as design consolidation of EWSD and S12 switching networks in the customer's TDM-network

  2. 2 Definition of steps towards the target architecture

    Define the concept for consolidating TDM-networks as well as the concept for migration towards the target architecture

  3. 3 Transformation planning

    Define consolidation sequence (taking the usage duration and the warranty for the components into account)
    Create, adapt and pilot procedures
    Verify the concept up to the network acceptance test

  4. 4 Implementation of the network evolution

    Implement pilot and series upgrades
    Consolidate subscriber data and corresponding profile information
    Consolidate switches and commission consolidated switches
    Provide services accompanying the consolidation

Your benefits -
stable services and optimized costs

The consequent implementation of SilverEngine's proactive consolidation strategy offers fixed-line operators crucial advantages.


  • Optimized costs

    Optimization of the maintenance and repair costs as well as energy costs for TDM networks

  • Stabile services

    Secure provision of TDM services – especially ISDN services for business customers – for smooth and flexibly manageable migration to new technology

  • Reliable

    Minimized failure risk of switches
  • Flexible

    High flexibility in migration and consolidation of switches with a view to target technology

  • Automated

    Automated consolidation through the use of a stable and tried-and-tested tool set (PConE) for database migration from n to m switches (whereby m can also be >= n)

Our PConE tool set

The consolidation of switches is a complex process in which adaptations repeatedly become necessary. In order to manage this process as effectively as possible, SilverEngine uses a self-developed and multiply tried-and-tested tool set (PConE) that convinces thanks to the following 4 arguments:

  1. Create conditions for optimized network planning

    Automated provision, updating and maintenance as well as targeted analysis of the database according to pre-defined parameters, consequent derivation of consolidation potential for maximum capacity utilization while simultaneously reducing switches in the network

  2. Effective utilization of resources available in the network

    Analysis of subscriber data and hardware at the source and destination switches, based on the data stored in the tool set, for the derivation of recommendations on the distribution of subscriber data and use of hardware components

  3. Minimization of workload during migration phase

    Automatic generation of command files for transfer and migration of the subscriber data

  4. Efficient administration based on consistently current data

    Transparent and consistent management of all parameters (subscriber data and corresponding profile information, hardware and software configurations of switches) with the ongoing option for access and updating

effiziente Konsolidierung von Vermittlungsstellen mittels des von SilverEngine selbst entwickelten und mehrfach praxiserprobten Toolset (PConE)

The automated process
with PConE

  1. 1 Export

    Export entire database from the source and destination switches

  2. 2 Import

    Import database into PConE

  3. 3 Mapping hardware data

    Mapping of hardware data and definition of hardware requirements related to the destination switches based on guidelines provided by the network operator

  4. 4 Mapping software data

    Mapping of software data based on guidelines provided by the network operator

  5. 5 Export of updated database

    Generation and export of data files for expanding the database of the receiving switch

EWSD consolidation

In the specific case of the automatic consolidation of EWSD switches, the process is run through on an analogue sequence and comprises the steps described in the graphic.


  1. 1 Export

    Implementation of the REGEN processes and export of log files, in which the changes in the switches involved are documented

  2. 2 Import

    Import of the REGEN files and permanent integration of the current log files (log-file handling)

  3. 3 Mapping of hardware data

    Hardware data mapping (e.g. setting the participant port for LTG, DLU and trunks in the receiving switch)

  4. 4 Mapping EWSD-specific configurations

    Mapping EWSD-specific configurations (e.g. PA name, trunk name and unique ID handling for the receiving switch)

  5. 5 Generation and export

    Generation and export of the command files for expanding the database of the destination switch

Our technical

The SilverEngine team possesses decades of experience in the migration as well as software upgrades of EWSD switches and in 3rd level technical support. Thus, SilverEngine has a team of qualified experts for EWSD and TDM networks as well as soft switches and VoIP solutions.

In addition, the expertise at SilverEngine can be supplemented by experts of strategic partners like Nash Technologies, Devoteam, 1st Solution or TEQPORT, allowing SilverEngine to implement comprehensive solutions for TDM networks and other TDM switches (e.g. ALU S12) as well as in the transport layer.

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