Support services
during network consolidation


Comprehensive support services for network infrastructures while consoldating the network

Highly available and reliable telephony services form a key cornerstone for ensuring customer satisfaction.

However, since this is not a "self-run", especially during the phase of network consilidation, SilverEngine recommends and supports a holistic service for EWSD, hiE9200, hiS700 and NetManager along the product lifecycle.

Our service portfolio

SilverEngine offers a holistic service portfolio from analysis, monitoring and maintenance to upgrades and training.

The technological transformation of network infrastructures and, in particular, the consolidation of switches also impacts on the personnel situation at the telecommunications firms. To ensure a smooth telephony service, selected services related to the operation of the network can be outsourced to SilverEngine.

In addition to operations and preventive services, SilverEngine supports its customers in the event of network failures with comprehensive emergency support extending as far as disaster recovery support.


Monitoring of networks and exchanges

  • Early identification of operational problems at switches and proactive management of maintenance using NetManager
  • Prophylactic symptom assessment for quality assurance purposes
  • Review of the system alarms

Maintenance and repair while consolidating the network

  • Performance of on-site maintenance (on a quarterly basis)
  • Analysis and archiving of indicators
  • Implementation of LOG and EWSD object-program-system (APS) backups
  • Monitoring of EWSD database

Effective emergency support

  • 24/7 on-call service, 365 days a year supported by an integrated ticketing system (accessible for customers) and hotline
  • Analysis of incoming failure messages regarding networks and products
  • Test and reproduction of failures in order to acquire further analysis data
  • Fault elimination and replacement of defective hardware on site
  • Management and storage of replacement components in collaboration with a partner
  • Provision of replacement components from the resources that become free by means of the consolidation

Support of product and software upgrades

  • Test and approval of the provided software and hardware
  • Installation and rollout of approved patches and hardware
  • Replacement of existing products with new ones
  • Network acceptance test

Maintenance procedures for components - EWSD/ hiE9200/ hiS700 during consolidation

SilverEngine has longstanding experience in creating and executing the following procedures:

  • REGEN procedure (regeneration)
  • CAP extension (call processor)
  • CCG Tausch (Central Clock Generator)
  • CMY and LMY extension (common memory)
  • CP extension (central processor)
  • MB retrofitting (message buffer)
  • MDD replacement (magnetic disc device)
  • ODAGEN extension (office data generation)
  • SN replacement (switching network)
  • SN extension
  • SN consolidation
  • CP replacement

Test facilities during network consolidation

SilverEngine owns 2 EWSD test facilities. These are located in Leipzig and can be operated remotely.

Depending on the requirements, these test facilities can be extended or converted with regard to the required components, for example configured with PowerNode V17 / SSNC including a CP113E, EWSD Classic V15 or V16 with CP113C and CCNC as well as corresponding peripherals.

Thus, errors can be adjusted or investigated and resolved.


SilverEngine’s team also employs EWSD / SURPASS trainers.

Thus, we are able to offer our customers tailor-made trainings (depending on customer’s requirement in any depth).

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