One-NDS Load
and Traffic Analyzer


Comprehensive monitoring and analysis of One-NDS traffic

One-NDS Load and Traffic Analyzer (ndsLTA) enables detailed monitoring and analysis of One-NDS traffic. ndsLTA processes the statistical data provided daily by R-DS and BE-DS and prepares it for different graphical representations. In addition, the data is stored for a long period of time in order to enable retrospective analyzes or to determine and analyze changes in behavior based on historical data. This version supports pattern recognition for anomaly detection, detection of bottlenecks, short- and long-term forecasts.

Interactive web-based interface provides various dashboards with evaluations simply and intuitively. The interface offers several views so that all perspectives and use cases are covered as far as possible. In addition, the ndsLTA is designed so that further dashboards / views are possible without additional effort (e.g. by configuring and setting up additional dashboards).

Your Benefits

ndsLTA automates and optimizes operational monitoring of the One-NDS with the following advantages:


Autonomous monitoring and evaluation of One-NDS traffic

  • Traffic data is continuously evaluated in the background
  • Data analysis understands and respects One-NDS architecture and deployment (DSAs)
  • Establishing of trends and comparison with the incoming traffic

Notification and automatic reporting          

  • There is no need to visually monitor the traffic data (but it is possible at any time)
  • Morning summary of the last day with selected statistics and events
  • Separate reports are generated in case of threshold violations and deviations (alarming via SNMP external interface and / or report)

Short reaction times

  • Early detection of changed behavior patterns through statistical evaluation of the input data with maximum available granularity (1 sec)
  • No loss of information that arises from averaging in the case of greater data interval granularity causing misleading values
  • Maximum delay in data display under 1 min

Dashboards for targeted analysis in the event of an incident

  • Dashboards for quick orientation so that potential problems can be identified more easily and counter measures can be taken more quickly as well as more targeted

Capacity Planning support and initiating preventive measures

  • Presentation of system utilization and development of the capacity reserve (trend analysis)
  • Enrichment of the data with other statistics, which enables a possible correlation of the traffic with other properties of the system (e.g. with an increasing number of certain services)


The following dashboards are predefined within the software:

  • System Performance 24h-Overview

    Overview about system utilization over the last 24 hours (suitable for daily reports)

  • Realtime System Performance

    Real-time view of ongoing One-NDS utilization including short-term traffic forecast

  • System Overview

    R-DSA and BE-DSA System Overview

  • BE-DSA Statistics

    Detailed statistics for BE-DSA‘s

  • BE-DSA Short-term forecast

    Real-time view of ongoing BE-DSA’s utilization including short-term traffic forecast

  • BE-DS Server Statistics

    Detailed BE-DS server statistics suitable for troubleshooting

  • R-DS Server Statistics

    Detailed R-DS server statistics suitable for troubleshooting

  • OP5 BE-DSA

    Display of TOP5 utilized BE-DSA’s

  • Provisioning Overview

    Monitoring of provisioning request success rate and dedicated errors

  • Long Term Forecast

    Prediction of capacity needs based on historical data

  • Monitoring

    ndsLTA self-monitoring

  • Product Sheet for One-NDS Load & Traffic Analyzer

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