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Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery for EWSD, S12 or other TDM and VoIP exchange systems


In the event of the sudden failure of switches, effective disaster recovery management is essential to make failed telephony services available again promptly. Here, in addition to technical expertise, effective reproduction processes and professional crisis management are critical success factors.

SilverEngine offers 24/7 emergency support independently or in collaboration with strategic technological partners.

Our proven approach

Initially, the service levels for emergency management are coordinated with the customer. Based on these parameters, the process and the responsible persons within the process can be established. The design specifications are also defined and implemented in the setup phase. In this phase, the foundation is laid for effective disaster recovery.

The effectiveness of the disaster recovery process established in collaboration with the customer is tested within the framework of several test runs, before the emergency support is put into operation.


  • Setup and test phase

    Establishment of requirements / service-level agreements
    Definition of the process and the responsibilities
    Creation of the design specifications
    Implementation of the specifications

  • Test run and pilot phase

    Practical test, piloting, operational emergency support

  • Hotline operations

    Acceptance and processing of incidents
    Analysis of errors and error correction
    Replacement of defective components

Our technical expertise

SilverEngine has decades of experience in 3rd level technical support as well as emergency support for switches.

Based on this technical and methodological competence, even complex and serious emergency situations can be analyzed and resolved in a short time by neutralization or circumvention measures so that the normal operation can be successfully reestablished. SilverEngine can also use corresponding test fields to support this.

  • Operational experience in incident handling and emergency support

  • Experience in crisis management and communication

  • Standalone tool for efficient and automated data recovery

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