Functional security of expiring telephony systems / Business solutions for ISDN customers of the PFALZKOM | MANET

PFALZKOM | MANET is an IT service provider for business customers. In addition to its own regional fiber network, the company maintains several data centers in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Based on state-of-the-art technologies, PFALZKOM | MANET tailor-made solutions in the areas of IT consulting, telephony services, data centers, managed services and cloud services. The security and high availability of the data as well as the individually tailored solutions for customers are the top priority.

The company operates a professional partner and technology network far beyond the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

Jens Krüger, Head of Operations / Head of IT
at PFALZKOM | MANET, reports:

„n 2016, we faced the challenge of finding a solution for secure operation and spare parts supply for the planned continued operation of the EWSD switching system from manufacturer Siemens.

The system used in our network infrastructure was already declared as End of Service or End of Life and the corresponding high-quality comprehensive service for HW and SW is difficult to organize.

Due to the very positive experiences of PFALZKOM | MANET at Hardware Service with ORC, we decided to hire ORC with their partner SilverEngine to provide the EWSD maintenance service."


Current situation and challenges

ORC has been supporting the carrier for many years through service for various manufacturers and system families (including Siemens, Cisco, Juniper, Huawei).

"As the existing service contract of the PFALZKOM | MANET expired to EWSD and NetM at the end of 2016, the PFALZKOM | MANET after professional and economic evaluation of a tendering procedure to award this maintenance contract to the ORC / SilverEngine. With the proactive maintenance of EWSD and NetM as well as an optimized procedure for the exchange of system components, we have achieved a higher security against service loss as well as very short repair times. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with ORC / SilverEngine, we can continue to provide our customers with the telephony and ISDN services and concentrate our resources on the preparation of the planned IP migration.“  says Krüger.

Even with TK systems, there are old timers. They are no longer produced and have been declared by the manufacturers as End of Service (EoS) or End of Life (EoL) for many years, i. E. There is no longer any system maintenance on the part of the manufacturer and the spare parts supply is no longer guaranteed. However, certain functionalities, which are particularly important for business customers, can currently only be ensured with this (old) technology.

For business ISDN customers, switching to IP-based systems is often not easy. Some ISDN features would no longer be available because a vendor-independent implementation of the specific requirements of these new technologies is not yet complete and error-free. In addition, business end-to-end communication is still not sufficiently standardized for enterprises to migrate from conventional technology to IP without much effort.

In mid-2016, the PFALZKOM | MANET faces exactly this challenge for your Siemens system technology. The problem-free continued operation of the existing infrastructure had to be ensured, as it provides telephony and ISDN services with high quality and availability to a large number of customers. For this purpose, the company was looking for a reliable partner in order to be able to identify problems at an early stage through seamless monitoring or, in the event of a module failure, obtain a fully functional replacement at any time quickly and easily. Also thanks to the already good cooperation the PFALZKOM | MANET for the maintenance service offer of ORC / SilverEngine.

Solution: Maintenance service offer by ORC/ SilverEngine

The following services are hereby i.a. included or has been provided so far:

  • Since 2017: proactive level 3 maintenance service in 24/7 mode for EWSD and NetM
  • Beginning of 2017: complete verification of the EWSD and NetM configuration, removal of identified potential risks including replacement of system blocks and update of the system documentation
  • In 2017: Virtualization of NetM on VMware
  • Dedicated storage for replacement assemblies, delivery on demand
  • Takeover of old modules with proper disposal


All mandated services to EWSD and NetM have been provided to our complete satisfaction.

We appreciate the high professional competence and the personal support of the PFALZKOM | MANET by personally known German experts of the ORC / SilverEngine.

Rather, we can fully recommend the ORC / SilverEngine as a reliable, very flexible partner with excellent expertise on EWSD.“ 

Krüger expressed his satisfaction with the partnership.


About ORC

Optical Refurbishment Center GmbH - located in Bruchsal, Germany, is positioning itself worldwide as a partner for all requirements regarding used modules and systems of the well-known manufacturers of wired transmission and access technology: refurbishment and testing, purchase and sale, dismantling, system assembly and Recycling.

With its technical competence and flexibility, ORC addresses the wishes and requirements of its customers and compiles individual solution packages. As part of the end-of-life management, the assemblies are defined together with the customer, prepared by ORC and stored tested and delivered to the customer within the agreed time (8x5, 24x7 ...) in case of service.

About SilverEngine

SilverEngine GmbH is a German specialist for network infrastructures in the telecommunications industry. As an innovative consulting company, SilverEngine GmbH develops and implements technologies for complex and mission-critical network infrastructures in Germany.

Their solutions aim to simplify these structures and thus to increase the efficiency and future viability of the communication network. They are individual and are developed and realized in close cooperation with the customers.

As a specialist, SilverEngine combines comprehensive industry know-how with unique technology expertise.

Note: The English project description is a translated version by SilverEngine and thus, may vary from the original project outline. The original project outline is available in German.

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