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Product Sheet Virtualisation of NetManager 5.1 and 6.2

The NetManager is essential for the operation of EWSD, hiE and hiS. It is needed for all operation and maintenance tasks, for file transfer from/to NEs and finally also for the incorporation of patches.

In case of a server change the challenge is, that a simple HW change is impossible because of compatibility problems between actual server HW and the used operating systems (NetM 5.1 on Windows 2000, NetM 6.2 on Windows 2003).

With the virtualisation of the NetManager hardware we can eliminate these hardware dependencies.

In this Product Sheet it is explained how the steps of virtualisation are defined and which system functions are afterwards available.

This Product Sheet contains the following information:

  • Function overview of the virtualised NetManager
  • Prerequisites for the virtualisation
  • Solution description
  • Price
  • Delivery dates


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