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One-NDS Health Checks

Our preventive One-NDS health monitoring toolset is available for you to try out. It provides a fully automated set of pro-active checks and evaluation of One-NDS system status.


One-NDS is an indispensable part of the telecommunication infrastructure and therefore needs special attention when it comes to maintenance and care. As a central directory service, it manages the subscriber data, their services and interfaces with other applications, e.g.HLR (Home Location Register) or HSS (Home Subscriber Server) of the operator.

Automated Monitoring of One-NDS

One-NDS Health Checks and the resulting findings enable you to identify potential problems in One-NDS at an early stage and to take timely appropriate countermeasures. The software package provided by SilverEngine serves to supplement the monitoring provided by the vendor.

Whether your One-NDS system is smaller or larger, replacing manual routine tasks with fully automated verification and evaluation, allows your employees to focus on important tasks. The specially designed reports of the One-NDS Health Check are provided with the necessary detailed information to facilitate the rapid detection and elimination of potential risks.

Benefits of Monitoring Toolset

One-NDS Health Checks are highly configurable and flexible, and can be easily adapted to any One-NDS system. Combined with minimal requirements for the target system and the automatic evaluations, it is the right toolset for your One-NDS system.

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