Network Consolidation
Integration of legacy systems


New technology is being launched onto the market at increasing speed. This technology must be integrated into the existing network structures, and at the same time existing technology (e.g. TDM-based networks) must be phased out.

Due to high volumes in the subscriber data and the complexity of technological change, it is essential to plan realistic migration periods for network evolution. To this end, it is necessary to optimize existing structures and simplify them successively during the transformation process.

  • SilverEngine supports network operators in the analysis of legacy systems.
  • SilverEngine supports network operators to optimize legacy systems.

Our proven approach

SilverEngine's team of experts supports customers in identifying and minimizing risks – especially the risk of applications not performing well together within the network. Thus, customers benefit from the significantly reduced failure risk.

A comprehensive as-is analysis of the current technological situation as well as the assessment of replacement options regarding the phasing-out form the basis for the successful integration of new technology into an existing network infrastructure. Taking the target architecture and the as-is situation into account, a corresponding analysis of the impact on the existing customer base can be performed. This customer impact analysis is a key input parameter for assessing possible transformation and migration scenarios.

During the implementation phase, SilverEngine can take full operational control of activities such as the migration of subscriber data and the consolidation of legacy systems. To minimize operational risks during the implementation phase, SilverEngine also offers the management and technical support during the transformation program.

  • As-is analysis

    Analyze current technological situation, evaluate identified weaknesses, simulate phase out of legacy system(s) and evaluate opportunities for substitution

  • Define to-be architecture

    Develop tailor made solutions for a robust and scalable architecture of next-generation networks as well as conduct a customer impact analysis

  • Design of transformation

    Evaluate different approaches for transformation and migration, develop a staged transformation program as well as concepts for optimizing and consolidating legacy systems

  • Implementation of next-generation networks

    Migrate subscriber data using state-of-the-art tools, consolidate legacy systems, provide technical support for transformation program and steer the change process

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