Services for
Telco Control Plane
Network Functions

Seamlessly integrated applications

Analysis and implementation of data models optimized for the respective application

A “Control Plane Network Function”-Application (called application) must be compliant with the concept and requirements of the target architecture as described in the white paper “A Network Data Layer (NDL) Concept for the Telco Industry” (issued by ngmn – next generation mobile networks).

Virtual Network Functions

The application is a virtual network function (VNF) and must support the defined application interfaces to network data layer (i.e. Ud, Nudr, Nudsf). Therefore, the application must support also different 3rd party (cloud) NDL/ UDL databases. Even more these requirements will also become binding for “Physical Network Functions (PNFs)”.

Analysis of applications

SilverEngine supports the analysis how to implement an open NDL access concept, helps in defining and in the implementation of an optimal application data model.

Furthermore, SilverEngine can provide support in analysis and design of applications robust behaviour in case of overload database overload. 

Test and rollout of applications

In addition, SilverEngine can support/ execute the conformance tests for the applications. Obviously SilverEngine is for application-providers the best partner for the application integration in the core network of a dedicated telecommunication provider with a central third party NDL cloud database.

In such a case, it’s evident that SilverEngine is also the best choice for the roll-out and required field services of the solution.

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