Strengthening and rejuvenation of the management

Niklas Gustavsson joins the existing executive management of SilverEngine GmbH - now consisting of Maximilian Bornschlegl, Niklas Gustavsson and Marek Kocan -, and is also a sole representative authorized. He is exempted from the restrictions of § 181 BGB and is responsible for analytics, machine learning and cloud-based network architectures at SilverEngine.

At the same time Dr. Rolv Bottheim retires from the position of a Managing Director at SilverEngine. But Rolv’s support remains unchanged as significant shareholder of the company, but also with a special focus on the SilverEngine future strategy.

Niklas’ tasks and roles have been mainly with R&D and Services at Ericsson, Sun Microsystems, Apertio and later at Nokia.
Niklas had an important role in the team doing the pilot application integration (NT-HLR) to One-NDS. Later his responsibilities was to setup and run the Multi-Application System verification team with the goal of simplify and enhance quality of One-NDS Multi-Application deployments.

The last 5 years before joining SilverEngine GmbH in January 2020 he was based in Tokyo with Nokia as a principal engineer with main focus on analysing network probe data to provide actionable insights how to improve subscribers and mobile network performance (VoLTE, MBB and CEM) using Analytics and Machine Learning techniques. He has hands-on experience with several main network probe vendors. He also specified requirements and provided high level design on several probe SW modules for CEM, VoLTE and 5G.

He was a key member of the Nokia Digital transformation project team for a new green field Japanese operator, driving initiatives around Digitalisation and DevOps.

Since joining SilverEngine GmbH his focus was mainly:

  •  Defining and leading the implementation of the concept for Subscriber Experience and IoT device performance analytics as a Solution Architect.
  • Consulting of Telekom Deutschland in the topic CI & CD (Continuous Integration und Delivery for DT’s NDL (Network Data Layer) project.

His career has been international and he has been based in following countries: France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, UK and USA.

Niklas is 50 years old and lives in Munich with wife and a daughter.

  • Niklas Gustavsson, Strengthening and rejuvenation of the management

  • Dr. Rolv Bottheim, supports our future strategy

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