SilverEngine with
TCP pass-through Proxy
now on Github

You can find now SilverEngine on the development platform Github

  • Open Source

    SilverEngine is convinced that a common innovation across organizations which is enabled by the Open Source community is of decisive significance also for the progress of telecommunication and networking technology. Open Source complements more and more the traditional telecommunication and networking standards.

  • TCP pass-through Proxy

    As a minor contribution SilverEngine publishes a prototypical TCP pass-through proxy ( This software can be used for example as a basis for intelligent load balancing and fire-walling of TCP based protocols.

    This software uses the innovative and powerful networking abstraction layer “NetBricks” ( which itself is based on DPDK ( NetBricks was recently developed in UC Berkeley by Aurojit Panda, a PhD-student of Scott Shenker ( Scott Shenker is known as co-inventor of SDN and co-founder of Nicira (

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