Quality Award „Lorbeer des Experten“ for SilverEngine GmbH

The specialist for network infrastructures in the telecommunications industry, SilverEngine GmbH, based in Munich and Leipzig, was awarded the "Lorbeer des Experten" quality award on March 2, 2019 in Berlin.

The tender, which is conducted in the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), evaluates companies and business models in terms of customer orientation, innovation and quality by a jury of scientists from leading German and European universities and colleges, as well as an honorary committee consisting of members in the area of marketing, commodities and quality management.

SilverEngine GmbH has been awarded the award for "Proactive Maintenance" service in the field of EWSD telecommunication systems. The specific evaluation of system configuration prevents system failures and the potential associated penalties for the operator.

In addition to the Quality Award "Lorbeer des Experten" was awarded the "Fortschrittsmedaille" award. (This award recognizes those companies or products that have achieved the highest number of points awarded by members of the Honorary Committee.)

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