5G Subscriber and
IoT Analytics

SilverEngine is offering Subscriber Experience and IoT device performance analytics services for Fixed and Mobile Networks.

Understanding subscriber experience and addressing issues causing a poor subscriber experience is key to be a successful network operator.
To remain competitive, this must be a continuously ongoing activity.

By analyzing network data and defining meaningful KPIs per individual subscriber and device, SilverEngine supports data driven subscriber experience optimization.
It provides understanding of what are the driving factors for subscriber experience with existing technology like LTE/SAE/VoLTE as well as the currently ongoing introduction of new 5G (NSA/SA) technology.

To find out the main drivers causing poor or excellent subscriber experience machine learning techniques are applied on network data. With their help it is possible to get actionable insights where to optimize and invest in the infrastructure in order to maximize ROI and subscribers experience as well as to identify which subscribers require immediate attention to avoid potential churn.

SilverEngine is offering Consulting , Service Delivery and our product SEA – Subscriber Experience Analytics, contact us for PoC.

More information: www.silverengine.de/en/5g-subscriber-and-iot-analytics.html

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